Issue 16: Fuel Pump Misdiagnosis

Fuel pumps are amongst the most common parts to be replaced within the fuel system but misdiagnosis of the symptoms can often mean the fuel pump is being replaced unnecessarily and ultimately won’t resolve the issues being experienced by the vehicle.

Issue 15: Fuel tank sender unit fitment

The situation
Vehicle manufacturer’s are increasingly trying to reduce the weight of vehicles and maximise under vehicle space. As a result, fuel tanks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They contain ledges, corners and in some cases even have baffles (found in the fuel tank and used to slow down or divert the flow of gases, liquids and sound) and regulators.


Issue 14: Clogging in EGR valves

EGR valves explained
The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a component used to reduce harmful NOx gases in the exhaust by reducing the combustion temperature in the cylinders. This is done by recirculating oxygen deprived exhaust gas back into the engine under certain driving conditions.

Issue 13: MAP sensor cross-referencing issues

The situation
The need to cross-reference components is common practice in the automotive industry, but is not always reliable when identifying the correct parts against an application. In Cambiare Tips & Tricks issue 9, we described how some manufacturers of lambda sensors design their parts in slightly different ways, resulting in cross-references for some applications, but not others.

Issue 12: Understanding application dates

The situation
VRM look ups can display different vehicle dates: registration date and date of manufacture/production date. When searching for a part, it’s important to use the correct date to ensure you are selecting the right part to fit your application.

Issue 11: Crankshaft sensor problems for Renault engines

The situation
As a result of a high number of crankshaft sensor problems with popular Renault engines, Renault discovered that the issue does not lie in the crankshaft sensor itself (Cambiare part no. VE363079) but in the connection between the component and the vehicle harness multi-plug.

Issue 10: Using the compatibility feature on the web catalogue

The situation
Issue 5 provided an easy to use guide on how to use the online catalogue. In this issue we’re going to show you how to find the part that is compatible for your vehicle in three simple steps.

Issue 9: Lambda sensor cross-referencing issues

The situation
Cross-referencing components within the automotive aftermarket is common practice for most motor factors, but can’t always be relied on when identifying the correct parts for your application. Each manufacturer of lambda sensors, design their aftermarket product in slightly different ways, resulting in products that can cross-reference for some applications, but not others.

Issue 8: Camshaft sensor connection problems

The investigation
There are two camshaft sensor versions for the popular 1.8 and 2.0 petrol Vauxhall engines, a square connector and an oval connector. The reason for having two separate sensors is down to connection problems with the original square type connector.

Issue 7: Replacing a mass air flow sensor (MAF)

The situation
When replacing a mass air flow (MAF) sensor, there are a several factors which have to be considered.

Issue 6: Brake Pedal Switch Installation

The problem
In August 2007, the Volkswagen Group replaced the original brake pedal switch due to problems during installation.

Issue 5: Using the Cambiare Web-Catalogue

Using the catalogue function on the Cambaire website couldn’t be easier! There are two options:

Issue 4: The Air Supply System

The problem
When a diagnostic tool pointed to a common Air Mass Sensor fault it was thought that changing the part would instantly solve the problem. However upon further investigation it was found that other parts of the air supply system were to blame.

Issue 3: Camshaft Sensor Fault

Common Problems, Unusual Cause
When a diagnostic tool indicated a camshaft sensor was at fault it was assumed that changing the part would remedy the problem. However when this didn’t solve the issue, more investigation was needed for the problem to come to light.

Issue 2: ABS Sensor Warning Light Problems?

The problem
It is a common problem that after replacing the ABS sensor the warning light is still lit. The standard practice of clearing the code by re-setting the ECU does not always remedy the problem.

Issue 1: Rough idling and loss of power

The Investigation:

As you can see from the stat sheet, the Mercedes is experiencing rough idling and a loss of power