Ignition Coils & Modules

Ignition Coils
Our wide range of Ignition Coils provides comprehensive car parc coverage, from popular Renault and VAG group pencil coils to more traditional oil filled coils. All coils are thermal, shock and endurance tested to ensure that they perform in the most testing of conditions. All Cambiare Ignition Coils are either OE or OEM quality.

Pencil/Plug Top Coil
Both pencil and plug top coils offer similar advantages for vehicle manufacturers. The compact design allows them to be easily adapted to suit engine layout, while having one coil firing per cylinder gives a longer time for each coil to accumulate charge.

Rail Coil
These are 4 or 2 coils mounted together that fit directly on top of the engine. In the 4 coil configuration they operate in a similar way to pencil and plug top coils. In the 2 coil configuration they operate a wasted spark system.

Coil Pack
These coils normally operate a wasted spark system and their design offers a high energy density, enabling a mass reduction of up to 40% compared with other ignition coils. They are also more resilient to heat and vibration damaged because they are normally placed away from the spark plugs.

Oil Filled Coil
The original coil design is extremely simple and resilient to high temperature and fitted to all the vehicles with distributors.

Dry Coil
Dry coil is a term used to describe a development of the original oil filled coils and is only for older vehicles with distributors. They are sometimes fitted with an integrated ignition module.

Ignition Module
This is the electronic control for the ignition system. The module receives a signal from a magnetic pick up or Hall Effect sensor in the distributor and then uses this signal to open and close the ground circuit to the ignition coil to fire the spark plugs.