Wire up with the latest sensors

Vehicle electronics specialist Cambiare is constantly adding new parts to range to meet  aftermarket needs.

The most recent addition is 25 ‘5-wire’ lambda sensors, covering more than 700k vehicles on the UK roads.
‘5-wire’ focus
Since the introduction of Euro 4 emission standards, the ‘5-wire’ lambda sensor has become an essential component in modern, lean burn and direct injection engines. Traditionally, the signal sent from the lambda sensor to the ECU was a binary signal, indicating only if the air-fuel mixture was rich or lean; it couldn’t relay the degree of richness or leanness.
The ‘5-wire’ sensor, on the other hand, sends a more sophisticated message to the ECU; the signal is a constant and variable voltage from 0 to 5 volts (0 indicating an extremely lean mixture and 5 volts, a very rich mixture). This helps the engine to adjust fuel injection according to the measurements, deliver greater accuracy and achieve stricter emission targets than other types of sensors.