Cambiare press coverage 2015/2016

Cambiare is a brand that continues to evolve and grow in strength. Now, as a recognised player in the aftermarket, Cambiare is gaining more industry press coverage and has been featured in the latest editions of PMM, PMF and CAT magazines.

In the January edition of PMM, Cambiare explains how to diagnose a failed lambda sensor. The article details how a lambda sensor can become defective, as well as providing imagery to portray the effects of various kind kinds of pollutants for easy diagnosis if a failed Lambda sensor.

Keeping up pace with modern vehicle technology, Cambiare has been continually bringing in new parts to the aftermarket. The latest addition is a specialist range of sensors and a solenoid valve to assist in the operation of variable valves using Variable Valve Technology (VVT). Cambiare has had a news piece published in the December/January edition of PMF, which elucidates what VVT is and the common faults which can be found within variable valve systems.

Once again, Cambiare has provided technical expertise in the ‘Inside Line’ feature in CAT magazine. This edition features a Chrysler PT Cruiser with Cambiare delving into ‘a quandary of quirks’, looking at everything from camshaft problems right through to oil pressure sensors failing.

If you wish to have a read of these stimulating articles to enrich your knowledge of lambda sensors, VVT and potential Chrysler PT Cruiser problems, please visit the download section.