Fuel Pumps & Injectors

For an engine to operate sufficient fuel must be present. Fuel pumps draw the fuel from the fuel tank and deliver it to the various other elements of the fuel system such as the fuel injector at the required pressure and rate.

In-Line Fuel Pump
The in-line fuel pump is situated in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine. Its compact design and fewer parts make it a popular choice for VM’s looking to cut production costs.

In-Tank Fuel Pump
The in-tank fuel pump is situated inside the fuel tank. It is the design preferred by vehicle manufacturers due to its cleanliness, low noise, reduced tendency to form fuel vapour locks and fuel cooling effect. These units will generally include the fuel level sender unit that communicates with the fuel gauge in the dashboard to tell the driver how much fuel is in the tank.

Mechanical Fuel Pump
Traditionally installed in older vehicles the mechanical fuel pump is driven directly by the engine by means of pushrods, tappets or levers from the camshaft.

Fuel Injector
Fuel injectors are electronically controlled valves which inject fuel at a high pressure into the combustion chamber or inlet port. Supplied by the fuel pump the fuel is atomized into a fine mist enabling it to combust more efficiently.