Issue 13: MAP sensor cross-referencing issues

The situation

The need to cross-reference components is common practice in the automotive industry, but is not always reliable when identifying the correct parts against an application. In Cambiare Tips & Tricks issue 9, we described how some manufacturers of lambda sensors design their parts in slightly different ways, resulting in cross-references for some applications, but not others.

In this issue, we focus on Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors and how their designs can differ between aftermarket manufacturers.

Inlet Manifold air flow

The MAP sensor monitors the air pressure in the inlet manifold. Each OE sensor is designed to operate within a specific pressure range. Aftermarket manufacturers often expand this pressure range to produce one sensor that can cover several OE parts.


Figure 1

With aftermarket suppliers producing MAP sensors in this way, it often occurs that sensors cover different OEs and therefore, different applications.

Figure 2

How can Cambiare help?

Cross-referencing is a great way to indicate an alternative part. However, the only way to ensure that the part attained is suitable for the intended application is to check that the application has been catalogued for the part. Cambiare’s online catalogue makes it easy to check that you have the correct part for the application. Be sure to use the ‘Vehicle Search’ function as shown below, as opposed to the ‘Part Number Search’, as this will provide you with the detail needed to make the correct selection.

Using catalogue in 3 steps

Using catalogue in 3 steps part 2

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