Issue 8: Camshaft sensor connection problems

The investigation

There are two camshaft sensor versions for the popular 1.8 and 2.0 petrol Vauxhall engines, a square connector and an oval connector. The reason for having two separate sensors is down to connection problems with the original square type connector.

Poor connection between the multi-plug and sensor within the old square type connector would generate a camshaft sensor fault code. This in turn would illuminate the engine management light (EML), and trigger ‘limp home mode’. Should the sensor be replaced with the old square type connector, the fault code would likely persist or return. This led to a high number of incorrect Vauxhall warranty claims as the fault lay with the connector and not the sensor.

Replacing the original square type sensor like for like, will not cure the underlying problem and will create repeat repairs, incorrect warranty claims and unnecessary customer returns.

Old sensor type

The solution

The solution is to modify the terminals within the plug to overcome the problem. The shape of the plug has also changed so that the two cannot be interchanged. The sensor comes as a kit so the vehicle can be reworked and the connection problem rectified. Therefore it is highly recommend that the re-work is carried out and the modified sensor installed. It is also advisable to check timing belt tension and condition whilst carrying out this repair, as an under tensioned timing belt can also trigger a camshaft sensor fault code.

New modified sensor

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