Issue 6: Brake Pedal Switch Installation

The problem

In August 2007, the Volkswagen Group replaced the original brake pedal switch due to problems during installation.

The investigation

Brake pedal switch

  • The original switch, VE724042 as shown opposite, was a ‘universal’ type, which had a variable length actuator.
  • This length was locked into place during installation.
  • This led to Volkswagen technicians having issues with the part becoming non-functional after installation.

The solution

light bulb

  • Volkswagen rectified the problem by redesigning the switch and creating three variants, each having a different length of actuator.
  • This solved the issue of the switch becoming non-functional if not set correctly, as there is no setting to adjust.
  • Now the installer only has to insert and turn to lock the switch into position and not be concerned about pedal position.

The result

The result Cambiare’s original ‘universal’ OE equivalent switch was VE724042. This has been replaced with VE724122, VE724220 and VE724178, covering all the original OE numbers. These switches can be used for a whole host of VW Group vehicles including a VW Golf , VW Polo and an Audi A3.

OE switches

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