Issue 2: ABS Sensor Warning Light Problems?

The problem

It is a common problem that after replacing the ABS sensor the warning light is still lit. The standard practice of clearing the code by re-setting the ECU does not always remedy the problem.

Common fault codes

The Investigation

  • When driving the vehicle the following symptoms occur:
    – Wheel traction decreases
    – ABS warning light appears
  • Pointing towards the ABS sensor, the part is replaced
  • However once replaced the warning light still appears on the dashboard
  • Even though the light remains active this doesn’t mean that the part is still at fault
  • This is because the ABS sensor won’t generate a reading until the vehicle is travelling between 2-5 mph

The Remedy

  • To ensure the new sensor is registered, the wheel will need to be spun by hand
  • The ABS sensors on most vehicles are magnetic and generate an alternating current that increases in frequency and amplitude when the wheel speed increases
  • By spinning the wheel, the sensor generates a current which will be picked up by the ECU
  • This will ensure that the sensor is registered, removing the warning light from the dashboard

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